Offering personal counselling with the approach that is right for you.

"It is not so much what happens to you as how you think about what happens"
Epictitus  AD 55–135

Integrative Counselling

My first counselling qualification and practice was as an Integrative Counsellor. This approach is primarily a fusion of two main types of counselling, Person Centred and Psychodynamic with an understanding and application of other approaches.

This approach believes that each of us want to achieve our full promise in our given environment e.g. if a plant is growing in poor soil and lacking in sunlight it will try to grow but it will only be the best it can be in those conditions.  However, when correct conditions are in place persons can begin to realise their full potential and move towards becoming a ‘fully functioning person’, developing, growing and blossoming to achieve their full potential.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

I subsequently trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and gained a post graduate diploma. This therapy is a way of talking about how you think about yourself, the world and other people and how what you do affects your thoughts and feelings.

CBT is problem focused intervention therapy which is action orientated and can help you to change how you think ('Cognitive') and what you do ('Behaviour'). These changes can help you to feel better.  Unlike some of the other talking treatments, it focuses on the 'here and now' for problems and difficulties; instead of focusing on the causes of your distress or symptoms in the past.  It looks for ways to improve your state of mind now.